Nude Middle Aged Women - Introducing Old Women Nude

Nude Middle Aged Women - Introducing Old Women Nude

She knows what I like and I know just how to push her buttons. We have been together for a while and have always had excellent sexual chemistry. Due to a myriad of reasons including medication, mental health, current living situation and some unresolved issues affecting the overall climate of the relationship our sex life had suffered dramatically.

Unfortunately it was nearly time for me to head back to the airport. So it is just before I have to leave for the airport and we are lamenting the fact that we didn't find time to be intimate that weekend. So I open my already packed bag and quickly set up two laptops side by side on the dining room table.

I am standing, hunched over the two machines when she reenters the room. Much of the weekend had been spent with family and friends but now it was finally just the two of us. I work out of town and only come home every other week or so to visit my S/O who lives in my house and looks after things. We have no limits that I can think of; nothing that we won't do to/for/with each other.

I looked up, speechless, at the work of art walking towards me seductively. Still sexy old ladies standing between the two laptops, I release her and she joins me, taking a seat in front of one of the machines. She had snuck away to change her outfit and was now standing in front of me wearing only pink and white polka dot panties that she knew would drive me wild, a pair of black stilettos, and a white leather vest-unbuttoned, revealing her breasts underneath as it swayed.

I wrap my arms around her as our lips meet. It was a holiday weekend, for which I had traveled home. My girlfriend walks away as I begin working feverishly. " She asks, caressing my leg. Running her hands up my thigh, over my hip, across my back, hugging me around the waist.

" She lets out a small, pouty whimper at the thought as she starts rubbing my crotch. "What time do we need to leave for the airport? Using her other hand, she begins fiddling with my belt buckle. "About 10 minutes ago. "Just need to finish this. Her hand smoothing the denim neatly over my shaft. She loops her fingers in the waistband, but before removing them, she presses her face into me, inhales deeply, then moans quietly, kissing my shaft through the fabric.

I continue working on the computers. Aggressive and passionately, my hands move over her body as I continue to explore her mouth. My pants splayed open, exposing my colorful briefs-the only thing now separating her from my rock hard cock. When I get a call from someone requesting my immediate help with a computer emergency. Immediately following, she yanks down my underwear with a desperate enthusiasm, my erection springing free.

" I reply, turning from one machine to the other. It's really starting to get difficult for me to concentrate on my work. Her head bobbing back and forth as I continue to type and click. After a moment, she has defeated the belt, the button on my jeans and is nearly finished with the zipper.

Wrapping her lips around me, she slides up and down, expertly working me over. Somewhere beyond my view, her tongue is performing an intricate dance routine. She can tell I'm loving this, her excitement extends to her performance. I wrap her hair around my hand, holding her head, guiding her rhythm.

I start to thrust, gentle at first, and she leans in eager for more. My hand still locked in her hair, I steady her, holding her head in place. I can tell she is loving this as much as I am. I thrust deep into her mouth, her throat accepting all its given.

But of course I already know this-she is my everything, I know what she likes. My girlfriend notices my breathing, and starts to squirm with anticipation; thinking she knows what's about to happen. She wants nothing more than to feel me cum against the back of her throat and is eager to help accomplish this.

She begins leaning into my thrusts and trying to increase the tempo. My breathing quickens and I set my pace. Engulfing me completely, she effortlessly slides my cock down her throat. I can stand it no longer. Her eyes light up and she lets out a muffled moan through her full mouth. The final transfer, then my work is complete.

I am thrusting faster now, one hand on the top of her head, hunching over her, rolling my hips into her as I reach with my one free hand to the laptops awaiting my next instruction. I grab one of the notebooks and throw it on top of the other.

100% Finally the transfer window disappears. I hold her more firmly, keeping her still. Without wasting any hesitation, I grab at the cotton polka dotted panties, sliding them off as fast as I can. I love her attentiveness and it will not go unrewarded, but in due time.

Both still open, I push them to the side, clearing space on the table. What she doesn't know is that I am watching the status bar on the laptop inch along. Even in the split second before tearing them off, seeing them on her makes my dick throb with excitement.

She really does know how to get me worked up. She was inches away from climax, so ready to taste my load. Picking her up, I lay her on her back on the freshly cleared table. I drag my head along her slit, parting her lips, she is so wet I am able to slip fully inside with a single stroke. I keep a steady rhythm for a few moments longer.

Now turning my attention back to the beautiful nude mature women naket old woman, just click, in front of me. I give her a gentle smack on the cheek, instructing her to release me. I pull them over her heals, finally freeing me to spread those legs. I peel her legs from around me, placing one flat on the table and holding the other.

That will have to change. Taking her thigh in one hand, I wrap the other around her neck, holding her still as I thrust into her. She was not expecting this and she cannot control herself anymore. Pounding into her, teasing her.

" How can I resist that. Under her breath she is repeatedly muttering "please, please, please, please, please". "Please, please, I need it inside me, please, please, please, give me your cum. I can't stand it anymore, I start increasing the tempo.

Wrapping her legs tightly around me, holding me inside her so I can't thrust at all. Each thrust getting more deliberate. She doesn't want to be fucked, she wants to be filled. pictures of mature woman women Faster and faster until I find the perfect rhythm. She is out of her beautiful mature women pictures mind with excitement and desire. I take a sharp inhale, my vision goes white as I take a final stroke, pressing into her, as deep as I can, holding there, as my cock pulses, shooting deep inside her.

Slamming into her, feeling deeper each time. I take another small stroke, slamming deep as another uncontrollable pulse shoots more hot cum inside her. She is still muttering. I put my hand over 30 milf her mouth and I collapse onto her as her scream turns to a satisfied moan.

She is looking back at me anxiously awaiting my hot load. She's screaming, I notice that now, I can feel her muscles spasm around me as she finds her release. Looking down at her, my breathing spikes, my heart soars, I tighten my grip on her.

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