Mature Women - Best Allover 30 Android Apps

Mature Women - Best Allover 30 Android Apps

Wednesday Beth sent us an email saying she was coming on Friday night and was looking forward to another fun weekend. I got zero work done at school. Jonny and I were in heaven. When Beth finally knocked on the door at 8:45 Jonny and I both jumped out of our computer chairs to get the door. We were not allowed to jerk off until she said. Beth just made our summer.

She made us swear not to tell anyone and that she would have total control. Stocking half way up her thick thighs, attached to a garder belt. There were no panties leaving her freshly shaved pussy exposed. Within seconds Jonny and I were naked standing beside each other, both rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. The top pushed her huge tits up, must have been 7 inches of cleavage, her big brown nipples barely covers.

The top came down to cover her stomach but it was to short and it didn’t cover her belly button. Beth untied her coat and it fell to the floor revealing black and blue lace lingerie. Are you willing to bow to my every desire? Friday night 8 pm slowly came. We couldn’t wait for next weekend. Jonny opened the door and Beth walked in wearing a long dark coat.

Seven, I answered Four, Jonny said Sorry you lose as she pointed to me. I of course jumped on the bed ready to start yet a little worried I had lost and wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. You going to do whatever I say? Without even a hello Beth says, Why the fuck are you wearing clothes? Oh yes, yes yes we both agreed.

The garder belt was a little tight around her waist. Beth squezzed my balls tight and stopped stroking my dick. Want me to keep going? Yes, keep stroking, please. With that she ushered Jonny to straddle my face. She asked Oh yes anything I said. Good, you are going to suck Jonny’s dick.

Get on the bed and lay on your back. He was still eager and didn’t seem to mind I was about to suck his little dick. Oh yes anything, I said Pick a number between 1 and 10 she said. Grabbing it he pointed it at my mouth the tip ran across my nose before I got my mouth open head tilted up.

Beth got on the bed between my legs and started to stroke me with one hand and with her other hand caressed my balls. He tossed his right leg over me, ass cheeks touching my chest, his uncut cock inches from my face. Her body over my dick. I was surprised I didn’t gag at all and then I felt his balls touch my chin before he slid back.

Jonny had nice rythem going working his dick in and out nude older women picture of mature women free porn women (linked site) my mouth with slow steady thrusts. I let out a moan as I felt Beth’s wet pussy on the tip of my dick. It was warm and smooth as it slowly reached to the back of my throat. We had a strong rythem going. It felt so good all over thirty when she clamped down on my balls, I begged her to continue. I couldn’t see her just feel the heat between her thighs then the dripping wetness from her pussy.

I felt the head touch my lower lip then it all over 30 maggie (visit this page) slipped in. She was trying hard to make me cum but I was focused on sucking my first dick. In felt so good, she rode slowly while her hands were on Jonny’s hips ramming his hips at me. Beth slowly slid down my cock. Eventually I couldn’t hold off any longer. My body shook as I started pumping cum into Beth.

She was now straddling me as well. Beth grabbed Jonny’s hip and tossed him off me and on to the bed. I was really enjoying it and Jonny had been moaning and still rock hard so I figured I was doing a good job. Beth rested her weight on me, not to let any cum spill out while I continued sucking Jonny’s dick. It was effortless since she was twice his size.

With a sloppy suction noise Beth lifted her weight off me and in one motion slid over to Jonny. Jonny quickly laid back, his little cock glistened in the air. Beth was riding me hard. At that moment I was jealous. She moaned as cum filled her.

Beth held Jonny’s hips pressed against my face, balls on my chin and his cock tickling my throat. You better finish what you started, Beth motioning me towards Jonny’s dick. I jumped at it like an old pro. Before Jonny knew what was happening she dropped her cum filled pussy with all her weight onto his face.

I could only imagine how that felt. He squirmed underneath her for a moment as she ground her sloppiness into his face. I gently squeezed as my head bobbed up and down. Stick a finger in his ass Beth moaned. Beth just pushed her face into him harder.

Jonny pulled his knees up, Beth grabbed his knees and pulled his legs apart wide, my head bobbing up and on his cock. On your back, head at this end, Beth said. Jonny tried to say something but that didn’t work. I had 4 days of cum built up pumped into her and now she was doing everything she could to push it out on to Jonny’s face. Beth was starting to moan a lot, Jonny found her clit and old mature women was working his tongue as fast as he could.

I released his dick from my mouth licked my index finger and slid it in his ass effortlessly. I worked just the tip when Beth put both her hands on my head and worked my head up and down the shaft. Lift your knees Jonny, Beth demanded.

Jonny was rock hard, my finger worked his ass, then Beth let out a scream. My hand on his balls and lips wrapped around his head. Which was new to me since I am cut. She forced my head down, I took his entire shaft in my mouth I could hardly breathe as she came on Jonny’s face.

Without warning Jonny’s dick was pumping cum down my throat. I just sucked off my buddy. Beth came down from her orgasm and slowly climbed off his face. I sucked his balls while I watched his dick twitch. Jonny sits women mature up eyes glued shut from all the cum, his face was completely glazed over in wetness and he had an ear to ear smile.

I went back to the tip and played with his foreskin. I will never forget what I saw. I couldn’t believe it.

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