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Allover30 - Milfs Over 40 Ideas

) Back then I had shaggy brown hair, and deep blue eyes that haven't changed much since. My best friend Tom, with whom I had then been friends for two years (still am), is tallish, about 6', with a swimmers’ build and a few extra college pounds he had almost finished working off.

He and I were both late bloomers sexually, neither of us had sex or much of anything else in high school. I haven’t ever written on here before, or even written anything like this before, so please keep that in mind. Well, I still have the eyes, but the hair is much longer.

Eventually we decide to head over to the movie theatre where I worked as a manager to catch a free movie, because why not? I've only told one other person about it. He was in town paying me a visit, and we had pretty much planned to do nothing but dick around, play video games, watch movies and the like. Now Emily is a small Jewish girl, hair and eyes a deep brown, and B or C cup breasts; a very cute girl with a killer smile that always lights up her eyes.

We were always very open with each other about what we were currently doing or wanting to do with girls coming into our lives. A very good friend and coworker of nude mature gallery women pics mine, Emily, was on shift that day. Great, milf pussy pictures let's all grab a bite and a beer at the bar next door; I know the bartender and she'll serve us. I suggest we make a move to my place (I was living at home, but my dad was out of town so we had the house to ourselves), and Emily agrees.

I introduce her to Tom, and the three of us stand around bullshitting for a bit until the movie starts. Now this is where the night begins to take a turn for the surreal, at least to my young and relatively inexperienced mind at the time. As the night wears on I notice the two of them hitting it off, some gentle flirting, the three of us having a really good time.

"We should watch some porn. This happened nine years ago this summer, back when I was 20, and involved me and two of my best friends at the time. " I can't remember which of us suggested it, but I think it was Emily. Tom went to make a phone call or something, while Emily and I climbed onto my bed and started browsing.

I had a pretty big bed and bedroom at this house, so we head upstairs to my room to hang out. When he rejoined us, a clip was already playing. I've never been quicker to find and boot up my laptop. Emily had mentioned being with girls in the past, but this brought the image to the forefront of my mind and did the same for Tom, I'm sure. A bit about me: I'm a little above average in most ways (an extra inch there and there, a couple extra pounds here, etc.

We watched in silence for some time, lying face down on the bed, Emily next to me and Tom on her far side. I don’t remember much about the clip, except that the girl in it had shaved her pubes into a distinct "V" shape. I saw Tom begin to play with Emily's right hand, his fingers tracing lines over it. I was inspired and very turned on by recent stories of voyeurism here, and decided to share my first experience with you fine people here.

The clip we were watching ended and I started another without a word. I could feel my body begin to tingle with nerves and sexual tension. Minutes of silence followed, filled only by the sounds coming from my computer. I saw Tom's hand stop what it was doing to hers. I could hear Emily begin to breathe more heavily and she began to squirm slightly.

I moved to give them some more room and said "don't let me stop you". Credits roll and so do we, to find Emily stuffing her last bag of popcorn: she's done for the day. His shirt came off and she sucked and kissed his neck, chest, down his stomach. Emily told us she thought the girl getting fucked was really hot older ladies. At this point, they looked over at me, watching them.

He turned on to his back and she climbed on top, kissing him hard, frantically, and he reciprocated. I didn't want this to become awkward, but I was getting so caught up in watching this unfold. I'm sure I didn't totally succeed in keeping my voice steady, but as calmly and confidently as I could I smiled and said "keep going, I want to watch.

She turned to me and said "I want to jump your friend". She came up for air and threw her own shirt aside. Tom sat up and began sucking on them, causing Emily to moan and arch her back slightly, pressing her chest more firmly against his mouth. Her breathing became shallower and she began grinding her hips against his as she straddled him.

I could barely believe what was unfolding in front of me as I watched my best friends devour each other. I had never seen her tits before, but they were nice, maybe a little bit bigger than I expected given her size, with dark nipples. I couldn't see his face, but Emily turned hers towards me and gave me a smirk with eyelids that seemed suddenly heavy.

Emily pushed him back down and began unclasping his belt, which had a Pac Man buckle, adding to the sense of unreality for me. I had never been so turned on. I had never seen either of my friends naked before and now I watched in silence as a half-naked Emily released my friends cock from its confines. Emily reached towards Tom's cock, tentative for an instant, before taking firm hold of it.

The tingling I had felt earlier grew to a burn, and I watched in near disbelief as their hands explored. I couldn’t contain myself any longer; I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pulled out my own cock. Once she unbuckled his pants, Emily yanked them down including his boxers.

" I think they were happy just to keep the lustful momentum going, because they hesitated for only a moment more before Emily reached back to unclasp her bra and toss it aside. Trying not to move the bed too much, I hopped off, went to my bedside drawer and grabbed some lube. I felt my own stiffness straining against my jeans. Tom’s eyes rolled back and he groaned in pleasure.

She moaned softly again, placing a hand on his chest to keep herself upright. I don't know if Emily was surprised when she glanced over and saw me, but she grinned and continued her ministrations. They took the opportunity to take off her jeans, throwing them onto the floor.

I had no idea where this was going, and my mind was racing. I carefully reclaimed my position next to them, and began to slowly stroke my cock as I watched her gasp and moan. She knelt over Tom as he began to rub her through her panties. She looked at him, she looked at me, and she smiled again as she began to jerk him off.

She looked at me again, then closed her eyes as one of Tom's fingers found its way inside her, pushing the damp fabric off her panties aside. Once she had, she lowered her mouth to Tom’s cock. I thought I was going to explode; I could feel a pressure in my chest, so intensely did this scene affect me, and I watched entranced as she slowly took almost all 6 or 7 inches of him into her mouth.

Emily and I both chuckled at that. Tom glanced over at me, saw that I had begun jerking off, but he didn't seem to mind. Tom was moaning more loudly, and I was surprised how much that turned me on. The wet noise of her sucking mouth filled my ears. I smiled at her the next time our eyes met, and she took her mouth away from its work to give me another shit-eating grin; I nearly came right then.

She teased her tongue along its length, and I heard Tom mutter, "holy shit". She pushed away from him so she could remove that last scrap of clothing she had on. He wasted no time, and she gave a little squeal at the touch of his mouth, squeezing his head with her legs. "Oh god," Emily moaned out, digging her nails into Tom’s chest.

She shooed Tom off the bed and lay down so that her spread legs hung off the edge, inviting him to taste her. Tom had his eyes closed at this point but hers met mine and she grinned as she began to take him into her mouth. I started to match the rhythm of my strokes to that of her mouth as she bobbed her head on him. Tom slid a mature sexy women finger into her, and she gasped, reaching down to twine her fingers into his hair.

Hearing Emily moan and writhe under the lash of Tom's tongue was intoxicating. I couldn't remember ever having felt my cock this hard. I inched closer to the two of them, gazing at her chest as it heaved and began to glisten with sweat. It wasn’t long before Emily joined him on the floor. Before he or I could register what was happening, she gripped his cock and guided down to impale herself on him.

Emily glanced over to watch me a few times, her eyes lingering on the motion of my hand. She pressed him firmly down onto his back and straddled him. I had to slow the enthusiastic strokes of my hand; I wanted to draw out my own pleasure for as long as possible. "Oh fuck" was all he could say as he felt her soaking pussy take him in.

I wanted to touch them, watching her take control of him and ride him was so fucking hot. I had to get closer to them, so I climbed off the bed and kneeled next to them. Her orgasm was as loud as it was sudden, a prolonged squeal that became a sigh while she held Tom against her with one hand and grabbed my leg with the other.

As she came down she released us both and giggled softly; I could see Tom's face withdraw from her, glistening around the mouth and flush with arousal. His tight expression when he nodded told me I wasn't the only one having trouble holding back an orgasm. Emily opened her eyes and gave me another one of those smiles that nearly sent me over the edge. He sat back on the floor as the two of them caught their breaths.

There they were, my best friends slowly fucking on my bedroom floor not a foot away from me, while I watched and masturbated. "Oh fuck" was all I could say as I watched her slowly begin to gyrate on top of him. I reached towards her, and asked hoarsely if I could touch, and when she nodded I looked down at Tom. I squeezed harder, and she began riding Tom more rapidly.

I knew I wouldn't last much longer, and I was pretty sure he wouldn’t either. I begin to rub her, my fingers also grazing Tom’s cock as she continued to fuck him. I gently pinched a nipple, and she bit her lips, moaning.

She moaned loudly, grinding herself against my dick and hand both. He gasped suddenly, back arching. I took the hand that had been on Emily’s chest and slowly slid it down the front of her body as she writhed in pleasure. Emily and I had never done anything remotely sexual together before, and I was still a bit uncertain when it came to actually touching her. Emily leaned back as well, rocking up and down hard, and I thought I could feel his cock spasm against the tips of my fingers.

"Fuuuck yeah," I said, unable to hold back any longer. "Cumming…" he managed to moan out. She looked at me again, looked at my feverishly working hand, and said "do it. She leaned back to accommodate my lowering touch, and my fingers met both of their bodies where they were joined. Tom began groaning, gripping her hips hard. I wish I could tell you that we did this many times again, or that it went even further, but unfortunately we weren't able to.

I reached out to her, placing a hand hesitantly on one breast. " My eyes rolled back in my head and mu cum hit her chest as she finally brought her hips to a stop. It would be several years until I had a chance for something to do mature sexy ladies naked ladies something similar. I think we all watch the movie or something after that, but who gives a shit.

I stood up next to Emily who was still pumping the cock bursting inside her, and told her I was about to cum too. The others followed suit, and being a good host, I grabbed a couple of towels for cleanup. 1J0l5TN gonewilling
1SjoJtj 1SjoJtj[1 comment] We all sat panting, but were otherwise silent until I started laughing.

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